Ways to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly


Making your home eco friendly does not only benefit the nature and external environment but it also your home. Some of the activities done in making the home eco friendly include water conservation and less use of chemicals.

Water conservation at home is one of the greatest steps to ensure that your home is eco friendly. The water you waste in the kitchen, bathroom, and in the toilet can be conserved and used in future. This will preserve the waters in the natural resources. In turn, chances of water depletion in the ecology will be minimal. The following include some of the effective ways to make your home eco-friendly;

a) Use of Lower Pressure Shower

Ways to Make Your Home Eco-FriendlyThe bathroom contributes a great tide in the water wastage at home. It is a limiting factor in your attempt to conserve water at home. However, this factor can be curbed and dealt with easily. One way through which water is immensely lost the bathroom is during showering. Probably, a half of the water that runs over the shower is used for showering while the rest gets wasted.

One of the ways to prevent this occurrence is by installing lower pressure shower. Such a shower will minimize pressure through which water runs over the shower with. In turn, less amount of water will be used for showering. This will help you to conserve water and prevent wastage.

b) Motion Sense Kitchen Faucets

Ways to Make Your Home Eco-FriendlyThe next place where water wastage almost seems unavoidable is in the kitchen. While washing the utensils or fetching water, excessive flow of water from the tap over the sink leads to water wastage. Apart from increasing your bill, this predisposes you to challenges during dry seasons and also during water shortage moments. At the same time, it makes your home an enemy of the ecology which can result to a change in the climate.

However, using the motion sense kitchen faucets will control all these problems in the kitchen. Water sense kitchen faucets are effective in preventing excessive water loss. They ensure that about 30% of water is saved from loss every minute of use. With a water sense faucet, you can be sure to conserve a lot of water for use. Thus, depletion of water from natural and ecological sources by families will be minimized.

c) Water Efficient Toilet

Ways to Make Your Home Eco-FriendlyLike in the kitchen and the bathroom, the toilet can lead to excessive wastage of water. Most of the toilets that people have been using at homes are dangerous to the ecology. This is because they consume large volumes of water during toilet use and cleaning.

As a result of technological advancements, the water efficient toilets were invented to help households regulate the water usage. These toilets are designed in a way that they do not retain a lot of water in their bowls after use. They are fitted with effective drainage system which do not easily block or clog. Thus, they require less water to drain off the wastes.

Also, they are easy to clean with little water. Water efficient toilets helps to conserve water at your home and in the natural sources through minimizing water usage in the toilet.


Your home is the starting point for environmental conservation. Water conservation is an essential part in the environmental conservation. Thus, preventing water wastage in the bathroom, kitchen, and in the toilet will turn you into a great contributor of environmental conservation. Also, you will be able to save money used in paying for water bills.

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