What Is a Watershed and Its Health Benefits?

What Is a Watershed?

What Is a Watershed and its Health BenefitsA watershed is also known as a water basin or water catchment. It is a water storage area which is designated like a dam. Mostly, the water is collected from the rains over the hills, ridges, and mountains. It is directed through channels into the watershed.

Mostly, people use the watershed to harvest water from the rains. In turn, they are able to harness a lot of water which would have otherwise gone as run-off. Eventually, they can use the water during the dry seasons when water becomes somehow scarce. A watershed is mostly a community resource which can be accessed by any member.

What are the Health Benefits associated with a Watershed?

Water is life. It is a component of animals’ and plants’ bodies. Also, water is very important for domestic use and for manufacturing functions. Thus, storing water in watersheds is an important aspect in life that ensures survival. Here are some healthy benefits of watersheds.

a) Water Retention for Ecological Health

What Is a Watershed and its Health BenefitsWith a watershed, large volumes of water will be harvested during the rainy seasons. Eventually, the rivers and streams will not run dry even after the rainy seasons are over. The streams and rivers will keep flowing with waver throughout the year. This is important for the plants, crops, and animals. This is healthy for both human beings and animals too.

b) To Increase the Fish Population for More Nutrients

During the rainy seasons, many fish, especially spawns, rest, and salmons increase within major lakes and rivers. Due to this increase, most of them prefer moving from the rivers and lakes and go to other areas. Watersheds can be a good place to settle the moving fish. This will act as a rich place for fishing. This is healthy as it adds nutrients in the diet.

c) Watersheds Increases the Potential for Nature Access and Adventure

Water pools at home are artificial and limited in size. At the same time, oceans are miles away from home and with mostly overpopulated beaches. However, with watershed, community members have a chance to experience nature through access. People can sail over the watersheds. Also, watersheds allows for growth of vegetation in the near localities. People can sail over and watch the most interesting and adventurous part of nature. Science proves that nature exposure is essential for mental and physical health.

d) Climate Change and Control

What Is a Watershed and its Health BenefitsThe communities which are geared for sustainable development have opted to develop watersheds. Watersheds are crucial in providing water to the soil for crops and plants to absorb nutrients. Eventually, many trees and other vegetation are increased in the environment. More forests, vegetation, and even water bodies are developed.

In places which are dry and with high temperatures, climate control can be easily done using watersheds. Cooling effect, increased rains, and increased amount of water available comes as a result of watersheds. This is important for human health. it aids in control of direct sunlight which might cause cancer. Also, it helps curb the global warming effect and to increase the volumes of water available for use.


The benefits of watersheds are numerous. Watersheds are essential for human health in a couple of ways. They maintain safe ecological condition and also help in controlling and changing the climate. As a result, food and water increases among populations. This helps in reducing the rate of diseases outbreak and also reducing unsafe environment conditions.

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