Tips to Fix a Shower Head Leakage on the Spot to Save Water


Tips to Fix a Shower Head LeakageA showerhead leakage at your home may be the cause of the loss of high usage of water. Sometimes, people ignore the leakage in their showerheads just because they are spilling drops of water. Others fail to fix the showerheads as they do not have the expertise or money to pay for the service.

However, any of the above reasons should not prevent you from fixing your showerhead leakage. Sometimes fixing a showerhead is an easy and a DIY task. Thus, all you may need is guidelines on how to go about it and henceforth conserve water at home. The following include a couple of tips to fix a shower head leakage on the spot to save water.

a) Gather all the Materials and Tools Required

Before you set yourself in the action, gather all the materials and tools to use in the process. If you do not have all the plumbing tools and equipment needed, you may borrow from a neighbor or a friend rather than buying one for a single purpose.

b) Turn off Water Connection to the Leakage Shower Head

This might be preferably at the main water connection to your home. Hereby, make sure that the water does not flow to the shower head anymore. This will give you a room to fix your shower head. At the same time, you will be able to prevent more water losses during the process.

c) Check the Small-washer and O-rings

Check to ensure that they are not faulty. Make sure that the connection of the pipe leading to the showerhead from the wall is in good condition.

d) Disconnect the Shower Head Faceplate

Tips to Fix a Shower Head LeakageMostly, shower heads leaks as a result of clogs and blockage. This is as a result of deposition of calcium and other materials by water.Consequently, the shower head cannot be able to withhold the pressure inflicted by the water from the tap as its porosity is clogged or blocked. Consistent pressure leads to leakage of the shower head. You can simply unscrew the faceplate to remove the shower head.

e) Use Vinegar or Acids to Dissolve Deposited Substances on the Shower Head

You can have your vinegar or acid in a container. Immerse the shower head into the acid or vinegar in the container. With vinegar, you will require to retain the shower head in the container for 8-10 hours. This will dissolve deposits such as calcium and magnesium which have build up on the showerhead to cause clogging or blockage.

f) Use Sharp Objects to Unclog and Unblock the Shower Head

In case you do not have acids, you can use sharp objects to clear the blockage from the shower head holes. Preferably, use a nail for this activity. After clearing the shower head, be sure to check where it has been corrected by putting water through its pipe.

g) Check whether Your have Fixed the Leakage

Reconnect the faceplate back. Connect the entire showerhead to the water source. Turn on the water and check whether it works perfectly. If it is solved, continue to fit it back using screw driver and other tools. Proceed to turn on your water back at the main connection. If it the leakage is not fixed, check whether the problem is with the entire pipe or whether the problem needs total replacement.


Fixing your leaking shower head is a simple and a DIY task. You can simply perform this task within few minutes and then wait for the acid to act on the shower head. Finally, you will be able to fix back your shower head and ensure that water flows as it should. As a result, you will be able to conserve water at home.

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