Stove Top Pressure Cooker VS Electric Pressure Cooker


Stove Top Pressure Cooker VS Electric Pressure CookerPressure cooking technology has become very popular over the last two decades. Many people have shifted to pressure cooking as a result of its associated benefits. Currently, many people have a pressure cooker at their homes. Others are in search for a pressure cooker in the market today.

However, many people are yet to know the difference between a stove top and an electric pressure cooker. Although there are many differences associated with these two types of pressure cookers, many people just buy whichever type they get in the market. The following is an analysis of the different types of pressure cookers.

Stove Top Pressure Cooker

Stove Top Pressure Cooker VS Electric Pressure CookerFor the best and durable cooker, you need to select a stove top pressure cooker. Even after replacing your microwave, fridge, or even an electric pressure cooker, you will not require to replace your stove top pressure cooker. The cooker is made from hard and durable aluminum metal which retains the heat and pressure created during cooking. It is fast and healthy for cooking all types of foods.


  • It is perfectly durable. You can use a single stove top pressure cooker for more than 15 years.
  • Stove top pressure cooker retains heat and pressure for a longer time than the electric pressure cooker. Thus, it is more economical and fast.
  • It is relatively cheaper than the electric pressure cookers.


  • Most of these cookers are limited in size.
  • It is not as convenient as an electric pressure cooker since it does not have automatic programs and settings.
  • It is closed to changes and refinement as technology advances like the electric pressure cooker.

One of the most popular pressure cookers is theĀ All American 921 21-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker that is really well built from some great materials and as the name suggest it’s an all american made pressure cooker and has been getting some great reviews on pressure cooker blogs in recent years and is definitely one of the best choices available if you are looking for quality and size.

Electric Pressure Cooker

Stove Top Pressure Cooker VS Electric Pressure Cooker

It uses electric power to cook with its pressure cooking technology. The release and maintenance of its pressure depends on the electric power. It has micro-processor controlled programs that aids in the heat regulation. The micro-processor programs make it easy to cook different meals such as; soups, meat, and rice with different temperatures and settings. The refined electric cookers have recipes and manuals which guide users on how to cook different meals and how to use the cooker.


  • The electric pressure cooker has automatic cooking programs and timers. It has food specific settings which set the user free from checks and controls.
  • Modern electric pressure cookers come with manuals and recipes.
  • It produces consistent heating after making the necessary settings.
  • Therefore, while cooking, you do not need to keep counting minutes in order to prevent excessive cooking.
  • Modern cookers can let you cook even while you are away from your house. You only need to leave the food in the cooker and using its cooking delay timer; you can cook your food even when nobody is at home.
  • It can be used even by those who are not knowledgeable with pressure cookers since it has different settings and also supportive manuals.


  • It is not as durable as a stove top pressure cooker. Some of its features including buttons, electrons, and other controllers usually go faulty easily.
  • In turn, you will be forced to conduct regular repairs and eventual replacement.
  • It is more expensive than the stove top pressure cooker.
  • It requires some level of knowledge before use.


Different types of pressure cookers works differently. Therefore, its selection depends on the type that suits you most. Although stove cooker is seen as the technology of the past and closed to technology, it is fast, healthy, and also economical. On the other hand, an electric pressure cooker is more convenient and refined technologically for easier use than the stove top pressure cooker.

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