3 Major Types of Water Heating Appliances


Water heaters play a critical role in the running of a home. In this light, one should have a comprehensive understanding of the major types of water heaters in order to make an informed decision.Water heaters for home usage should not be large and complicated ones such as the boilers. At the same time, they should not be limited in size such that they cannot be enough for the whole family. Also, they should be energy efficient to prevent excessive usage of electrical power. Here include 3 major types of water heating appliances which are favorable for use at home;

a) Storage Water Heaters Tank-type

3 Major Types of Water Heating AppliancesA storage water heater is the best container for use at a family level. It can store from 30-80 gallons of water. This water is enough for a whole family use in all the required purposes. The storage water heater tank-type can be placed on the roof-top and then connected to different places within home such as; bathroom, kitchen, or hot tub. This will enhance the flow of water to these places where it can be used from. The storage water heater is energy efficient as it uses minimum amount of energy to heat water. Other types of storage water heaters uses solar power to heat water. Thus, they are effective in preventing unnecessarily high energy bills.

b) Tankless Water Heaters

3 Major Types of Water Heating AppliancesTankless Water heaters have become popular due to their energy efficiency. They have a capability of save about 20% energy. Tankless heater has an effective strategy of heating the water from the top. Warm water flows out from the tank up to the usage point. Ton substitute this water, cold water enters the tank and it occupies the bottom part and fills the tank as it is heated too. Thus, the tank remains full with warm water all the time. Tankless heater is easy to install unlike other water heaters. It does not require any water storage tank as it can store water itself. It is also cheap to purchase and also to maintain at home but make sure to read tankless water heater reviews and tankless water heater comparison before choosing what is the best water heater for your and your home. There are many types and brands to choose from so read well and take your time before you commit to something. Therefore, it is an effective and an easily acquired tool for water heating at home.

c) Electric Shower Heads

3 Major Types of Water Heating AppliancesAnother effective way to heat water at home is the use of electric shower heads. They have been favorable for many people in their bathrooms. An electric water only heats water prior to its use. It uses direct energy from the source which is connected to the heater fitted inside the shower head. Thus the water is heated instantly before it flows out of the shower. Other means which heat water and retain it for later use may result to energy loss. This is because the water may turn cold again thus requiring more energy to re-heat it. This makes the electric shower heads capable of cutting down excessive expenses at home over energy payments.


Heating water is essential for its use in many purposes at home. Thus, you need an effective appliance which will make water heating effective, quick, and reliable for you and your family. On the other hand, you also need an appliance which is energy efficient in order to keep check on your energy bills at home.

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